Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mission Statement

This is a declaration of independents.

With the intention of facilitating discourse, empowering the oppressed, and proliferating truth, compassion, and brotherhood, this blog will serve as a platform for earnest expressions of my understanding of our collective plight.

This is not a partisan effort. I have no allegiance to either establishment since they have emphatically proven that their politics are not for the benefit of the common United States citizen.

I have no tolerance for the misinformation that has so thoroughly divided our Nation into "reality" and "fantasy".

I have no interest in revisiting questions of the past, with the exceptions of those related to race, class dynamics, and social justice, as our Nation has demonstrated that these aspects of our country's history have yet to be addressed and rectified properly.

I pride myself on my ability to be fair and civil in the face of opposition and dissenting opinions.

I pride myself on my convictions, but I understand that I don't know what I don't know, and I relish and encourage any chance I have to learn.

I choose to act upon the privilege afforded to me by a deeply broken system that, for myriad reasons, has chosen to endow me (a straight, white male) with a voice that carries further than others.

I choose to advocate for the struggling masses en masse, as opposed to a select group of people affiliated with a political party that regurgitates the same flawed principles that allowed us to get to this schism in our Nation.

I choose to be the change I want to see. I choose to speak love. I choose to be kind and encourage goodwill to our fellow human.

I choose independence.